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The last tremor of the awakening

Os dejo un pequeño fragmento de este libro, que me está encantando. En inglés, porque lo estoy leyendo en inglés y porque no encuentro una traducción al español. No es lo primero que leo de Herman Hesse.

Motionless, Siddhartha remained standing there, and for the time of one moment and breath, his heart felt cold, he felt a cold in his chest, as a small animal, a bird or a rabbit, would when seeing how alone he was. For many years, he had been without home and had felt nothing. Now, he felt it. Still, even in the deepest meditation, he had been his father’s son, had been a Brahman, of a high caste, a cleric. Now, he was nothing but Siddhartha, the awoken one, nothing else was left. Deeply, he inhaled, and for a moment, he felt cold and shivered. Nobody was thus alone as he was. There was no nobleman who did not belong to the noblemen, no worker that did not belong to the workers, and found refuge with them, shared their life, spoke their language. No Brahman, who would not be regarded as Brahmans and lived with them, no ascetic who would not find his refuge in the caste of the Samanas, and even the most forlorn hermit in the forest was not just one and alone, he was also surrounded by a place he belonged to, he also belonged to a caste, in which he was at home. Govinda had become a monk, and a thousand monks were his brothers, wore the same robe as he, believed in his faith, spoke his language. But he, Siddhartha, where did he belong to? With whom would he share his life? Whose language would he speak?

Out of this moment, when the world melted away all around him, when he stood alone like a star in the sky, out of this moment of a cold and despair, Siddhartha emerged, more a self than before, more firmly concentrated. He felt: This had been the last tremor of the awakening, the last struggle of this birth. And it was not long until he walked again in long strides, started to proceed swiftly and impatiently, heading no longer for home, no longer to his father, no longer back.


1 Oscar { 08.10.11 at 12:22 }

De Hesse también te recomendaría Demian, una historia cuyo sentido nunca he llegado a comprender totalmente, pero con esa prosa tan fluida y fascinante de Hesse. Maravillosa novela.

banyuken reply on August 10th, 2011 13:44:

Mi querido y admirado Óscar: lo primero, muchísimas gracias por pasarte por aquí, siempre es un placer saber de ti. Lo segundo, ya lo leí, bajo tu recomendación también. Y lo disfruté, muchas gracias.
Un fuerte abrazo.

2 Oscar { 08.10.11 at 17:51 }

Qué mala memoria tengo Banyú! Anado que cuando me pase por Vigo me compraré El juego de los abalorios, que dicen que es la mejor novela de Hesse. Otro abrazo para ti!